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Certain vehicles in Kansas are required to undergo a VIN inspection before being registered in the state.

To find out if your vehicle qualifies, take a look at our guide to car inspections in Kansas.

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I tried for years and years to change the activities to a Festival Day, all schools together, no scores in our county. The state activity board held contests all over the state. The boy who started the fire was one of my great discoveries, a hidden talent. As the years went by I realized that Cimarron really took care of their kids, I admired that. There were several good little dance bands playing Swing, I hope this will never be forgotten. The first one I saw was a community building at Ravanna. Disappeared from the face of the earth, but the hall remained for many years.

I took kids to Dodge, eighty students and a bus driver several times, dressed up and Gung Ho. On one trip, I finally got everyone settled in an assigned room, went to get a schedule, came back to find fire and smoke in a waste basket. He had no family, very little support but, Oh, That Voice. I begged, threatened, tried every trick to get him to sing. I tramped to the piano, he followed, I banged the keyboard, loud and vigorously. There was a big dance hall at Holcomb, great band and great piano player (Marguerite Brown). Cimarron Dance Club, evening dresses, danced in the hall over the Elks building (later the Globe). I thought I would never go back to Cimarron but as the song says, I left my heart So I was back on the job the next term, 1934-35.

We gave recitals, printed programs, decorated with flowers, and sometimes had assistant soloists. The High School classes came to the music room with piano and music books. Our first big program was downtown, upstairs in the Opera House. A line of special girls, I asked them to each wear a yellow slicker (at Lindsborg everyone needed a yellow slicker rain coat), no problem, I thought. We became very busy with the usual big chorus, glee clubs, trios, sextets, quartets, duets, Gray County contests, Dodge City contests. I had a great group from Extension units of Gray County, we were so good we sang at the new radio station KGNO in its opening days.

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Regardless of whether it is Long-Term Care, Assisted Care or Independent Financial Management, Inc., (FMI) has clientele located throughout the State of Kansas.FMI offer clients a variety of services in accounting, tax, risk management, finance, and administration consulting.We combine the experience of multiple disciplines to provide effective solutions to a wide range of industries.Clients – Not-for-profit organizations, governmental entities, for-profit businesses and individuals.Founded – 1977 Headquarters – Cimarron, Kansas Professional Affiliations – Kansas Association of Homes and Services ( KAHSA),.There are a few different ways to get in touch with the KS Office of Vehicles' main offices.If you'd like use e-mail, select the office applicable to your needs from the Department of Revenue's main contact page.Kansas Division of Vehicles offices provide a variety of helpful services, including (but not limited to): If possible, see if your transaction falls into the Kansas DMV's online services—that way, you can skip a trip to the office altogether.If you still need to pop into a branch, you may be able to make an appointment ahead of time so that you can jump to the front of the line.The Kansas Department of Revenue's Division of Vehicles (DMV) handles all driver and vehicle services.To find the KS DMV office branch closest to you, browse the list of counties below or type your zip code in the search bar above.

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