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LINICKX Life Stream is a plugin which allows you to lifestream any feed.

Simply load up your RSS feeds into the plugin and posts will be created in wordpress.

Rename and change the variable $WPDIR to where your wordpress is instlled, there are a couple of examples in there.

Version 0.1.x had a frustrating double-post bug where by some feed items would not be saved in the feed DB thus be posted to WP multiple times.

The second announcement was the integration of Lifestream, a sort of Google Buzz equivalent, in AOL Mail via the AIM plugin.

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To find Word Press the plugin looks for in ~/wp-content/linickx-lifestream , with the package there is an example config.First, unlike its competitors, pages are meant for sharing and cannot be password protected.Second, its interface is much simpler, yet it boasts some important features that other services lack.A new service called, currently in invitation-only beta mode, hopes to become your online destination for all things social.The idea behind the service is simple, and certainly not new, but’s execution far surpasses its competitors such as AIM Lifestream and Streamy.Inserting the lifestream into AIM is part of a much larger strategy, which began with its acquisition of Socialthing nearly a year ago.Last February, it brought Socialthing-powered lifestreams into Bebo, and last April it began experimenting with bringing lifestreaming and chat to Websites via a chat toolbar.You can also share videos and links via your You Tube and Delicious accounts. The AIM clients also include the familiar "Buddies" tab, which lets you launch private IM conversations with your AIM buddies, and a "Me" tab shows your profile stats, updates, and notifications.What AOL is doing here is combining a Friend Feed-style approach of bringing together social updates from different services across the web with more private IM conversations.By default at the end of the 5minute period the next user to visit your site kicks off a “feed check” for that user it can take some time for your site to load as they have to wait for this to complete.Don’t worry tho’, by enabling your mileage may vary tho.

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