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When done properly the best online dating profile examples will attract the type of women that you are searching for.I can help you to create exciting online dating profile examples which will give you the maximum chance of success.A new colleague at work has provided a rare opportunity to look at the differences between two cities in regards to online dating profile response rates.Justin has recently relocated from Tampa, Florida to Miami, Florida. Some correctly utilise the methods and techniques I teach, whilst others are prime examples of bad practice. Cocky and an array of 12 other colourful fictitious characters based on actual profiles, that I have come across during my online travels.

The most lenient judges were all age 28 or under, with the exception of one (she was 32, but notice that’s under the “cutoff of death” age 33).“I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet…”“And I haven’t tried some of the REALLY good C&F lines I learned, anyway…”I took a long time for me to admit that Cocky & Funny didn’t work a lot the time…And I didn’t want to go against the hype…Even when I became a professional……Until one day, my team and I did some research and discovered a cold hard truth: Sure, there were plenty of times where I’d be able to spark some attraction with C&F…but there were also countless times when a Cocky & Funny line screwed up my chances!Along with his possessions, he also brought his Plenty of Fish online dating profile.Justin is 29, average height and weight, and works a decent white collar job.I only put “average” for body type on my profile because the selection for “Greek god chiseled out of f***ing bronze” seems to be missing from the drop-down.If I had to write a newspaper personal, it would read something like this…”Young talented stud looking for a married woman who wants to make her husband jealous in order to procure expensive gifts from him.” It’s probably a very good thing I am not a fish.These factors are all going to come into play when a woman reads your profile.Some hot chicks are going to love your profile, others are going to absolutely hate it…and you don’t have much control over which ones are which. You’ll notice on Amazon book reviews, where books are ranked 1 to 5, most people rank books at 1, 4, or 5. People either like something a lot or hate it, and apparently online dating is no different.The goal was to get some empirical data on what kinds of profiles appeal best to a broad range of women. Some women are looking for a “fun” guy, while others are looking for a “deep” guy.Some women are looking to date and have fun, others are looking for a husband, others don’t really know what they’re looking for.

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