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She felt it was important that I know this before things got too serious. She knows that it can scare a lot of guys off and took a big risk by telling me. She's taking medication and says it's been effective. She was only diagnosed recently so she's still coming to terms with it.

Only go forward with this relationship if you plan on spending your time with her walking on eggshells.

However, we both decided to commit more effort and to at least give it a chance since we both like each other. and the following: - Last few months he has created a routine.. And he feels very guilty that I am second to his routine. but I wasn;t sure if this his mania talking or if this had to do with us. that I support his routine and that my intentions are not to change or disrupt it.

and he feels he has been more productive as ever and he doesnt want to mess that up and he feels that I may disrupt that. We agree on the following: 1) we will try to be completely exclusive (including not looking on online dating sites) 2) spend more than just the weekend together and add a during the week time 3) I will go with him to his therapist I really like him a lot and we have so much in common..

I have been dating someone for about four months who is bipolar (medicated and sees a therapist once a week). Anyway- the other day i asked for him for more than what we currently had.

He only admitted it to me this week after I confronted him.. He is definitely going through a maniac phase where he feels the following: I am actually quite attractive on aspects of how his mind works.. Meaning seeing each other more and getting more serious.

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