Dwp backdating rules

Pensioners get higher applicable amounts than working age people.See Calculating Housing Benefit and Calculating Council Tax Support for more information about applicable amounts.This includes where your JSA or ESA has been sanctioned.You can find full details of the rules from the following sources: You should apply for a hardship payment as soon as you need one and you meet the conditions.Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income.The amount of housing benefit due to you is worked out by looking at: Housing Benefit is affected if somebody is a Student or self-employed or a person from abroad.This page gives some details about what those rules are and where pensioners can find further information.

There are some different rules that apply when we calculate Housing Benefit (HB) and Council Tax Support (CTS) for pensioners.

You cannot get a hardship payment of contribution-based JSA.

If someone could be so kind and clarify sdp payments for me please. It states if entitled you receive basic rate of 31.85pw and you can get an additional extra amount of 61.10pw on top.

Not sure whether to waita few more days or go and get It delt with tomorrow?

I sent back my IS10 on Friday of last week, I attached a first class stamp to it and I phoned today to see if they had received it only to be surprised and told a decision was made today that I am entitled to SDP of £61 per week and this will be backdated to March 21st ( when I made my original PIP claim) So all in all it really only took 1 week from sending away to decision. Typically, it takes around a week from posting something to it being scanned onto DWP's system.

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