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together with their parents, participants completed a family interaction task1: after individually completing a kohlberg moral judgment interview (colby, kohlberg, & candee, 1986), family members were asked to discuss differences that emerged in their responses to the moral dilemmas.a disengaged or hostile family environment may foster development of an insecure attachment style (howes & markman, 1989; lewis, feiring, & rosenthal, 2000), which in adulthood may predict maladaptive behaviors during marital conflicts (crowell et al.” cumulative annoyance can build up like a pressure cooker, and as it builds up, the intensity of the conflict also builds.also explored the possibility that psychopathology may account for links between adolescent family interactions and later marital variables.

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adapted to assess different conflict resolution styles in adolescent dating relationships. There is a pattern of verbal escalation: requests, demands, complaints, angry ...and Interpersonal Conflict in Dating Relationships,” Communication Reports 13, relationships of conflict types and resolution with relational satisfaction. The reported percentage in previous studies of unresolved conflict with dating partners, .....Family communication patterns and conflict styles in Chinese parent -child.ABSTRACT: Despite the increasing proportion of marriageable females who are single, the mass media still relegate unmarried womanhood to a stereotypical, second-tier life trajectory, which contrasts the ideal of happiness and fulfillment provided by marriage.The study explores single women’s responses to the media’s stereotyping of single womanhood.The children from conversation-oriented families are most likely to use the collaborating style but unlikely to use the avoiding style, whereas the children from conformity-oriented families are most likely to use the competing style but unlikely to use the collaborating style.The finding also indicated that children are more satisfied with the conversation orientation than with the conformity orientation and with the collaborating, compromising, and accommodating styles than with competing and avoiding styles in parent-child relationships.garcia, and stella ting-toomey, “an analysis of the relationships among face concerns and facework behaviors in perceived conflict situations: a four-culture investigation,” international journal of conflict management 19, no.and open access journals from SAGE Publishing, the world's leading independent academic publisher.our face is the projected self we desire to put into the world, and facework refers to the communicative strategies we employ to project, maintain, or repair our face or maintain, repair, or challenge another’s face.conflict occurs in interactions where there are real or perceived incompatible goals, scarce resources, or opposing viewpoints.

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