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Children with Down syndrome want to do what all children want to do: they want to sit, crawl, walk, explore their environment, and interact with the people around them.

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Because of this, there will be blatant omissions and odd decisions.The Nintendo DS turned 10 years old in the UK yesterday.On 11 March 2005 Nintendo’s chunky flip-case handheld arrived in Britain to a relatively muted response.Many gamers, feeling Nintendo was losing steam with Game Cube sales slowing to a crawl, were more focused on Sony’s upcoming handheld, the PSP.Offering significantly better graphics and games that could pass as slightly low-res PS2 titles, the PSP was far more appealing to gamers than the DS’s N64-era visuals and its touch screen, which appeared to be no more than a gimmick.And yet, a decade later, nobody can deny the DS’s eventual impact on the gaming world.With over 154 million units sold worldwide, it’s the best-selling handheld of all time and was around a million shy of overtaking the PS2 as the best-selling video game system ever.It’s critical that we teach children what they’re ready to learn within the next month rather than work on something that’s too advanced for them.Once I know what skill the child is ready to learn, I develop a way to teach him that skill.First, I observe what skills the child has already mastered on his or her own.Then I determine what the child is ready to learn next.

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