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From the start, it positioned itself as a manufacturer of quality watches.For about 50 years, over 50% of the pocket watches it produced were the high grade necessary for use in the railroad market. in 1969, although watches were still being assembled from parts and finished for several more years.

Hamilton was successful through the 1920s, buying the Illinois Watch Co. In seeking information about a watch, it is the serial number on the movement (the "works") that is important.

Basic information about a Hamilton watch is available online to NAWCC members using the Hamilton production ledgers (see References, below).

Oldwatch.com's Hamilton Production Date Chart, or the Pocket Watch Site's Hamilton Date Table, are also an online means for determining the very approximate production date of Hamilton pocket watches. "Railroaders' Corner - Hamilton's Workhorse: The 940 (and its cousin, the 942) ," Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer, NAWCC Bulletin No.

Hamilton used a date letter instead of numbers to replace the first number of the full serial number on some of their movements.

The table below shows the letters used for the 992B, 950B & (4)992B movements.

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