Is alexz johnson dating tim rozon

And amazingly, Tim also co-owns two hotels and restaurants in Montreal that are, Garde Manger and Le Bremner beside with Chuck Hughes and Kyle Marshall.

His two restaurants look like to have a high level of customers' satisfactions, so, seem that this is indeed a prosperous business for Tim.

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But the relationship between the two was fictional and for the purpose of Instant Star only. It definitely says that Tim and Alexz are going out on both Tim and Alexz's profiles and com.

Schedule management is very much important for busy personalities and is more mandatory when they have some side work as well.

We are moving to put a spotlight upon the well-known TV actor Tim Rozon, who is not only busy in movies but occupied at his busy hotels.

ithink they r cauze they way the act in instant star and all i think so if not that is a shame cause they make a good couple Actress Alexz Johnson is not dating actor Tim Rozon.

They have a friendship, but nothing more than that.

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