Point blank problems during frost updating

Even if you haven’t been there for 3 years, you go back and you get the feeling that people have already seen you.Like you play again, they’ve seen you, they don’t want to see you again for at least another year-and-a-half.

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Being a self-taught, University of You Tube, producer I found this opportunity quite intriguing.

Magazine Tour recently came through Calgary, Scene Point Blank was awarded the pleasure of an interview with the legendary Napalm Death.

As the bands set up, SPB chatted with Barney Greenway about the evils of trusting what is presented to you and how to find vegan and vegetarian cuisine in western Canada.

Barney was a gregarious and intelligent interview subject who answered our questions and then some before going out to destroy the audience for the better part of an hour with a setlist that contained a little bit of everything from the band's 20 year history.

Magazine EIC) was kind of an old friend of ours and I think he’s been wanting to do something with us for awhile.

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