Prince william dating gossips

But William, who’d been largely educated at boys’ schools, clearly found the female sex somewhat alarming — particularly in his history of art tutorials, where there were seven girls to two men.

Professor Brendan Cassidy, his first tutor, recalls: ‘William seemed very uncomfortable with the girls, and in the second or third week, the other man didn’t turn up for the tutorial — so William was there with seven women.

His body language said it all: he tried to wrap himself up [with his arms].’ As well as going to the same history of art lectures, they also had rooms in the same hall of residence.

If you've never seen the show, prepare for hours upon hours of Upper East Side hijinks, drama worthy of the most glamorous soap opera of all time, and fashion that will have you plotting a trip to the mall (or to New York City, so you can emulate Blair Waldorf in her natural habitat—the Met steps)., you know it only gets better the hundredth time you watch it.

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Former cavalry officer James Hewitt today denied he was Prince Harry's father.

The Guardian published an extensive piece the other day about London Bridge Full Story It’s been a week for Prince William.

As you know, while other senior members of the royal family joined the Queen on Monday for Commonwealth Day service, Will was photographed on holiday with his boys, drinking beer with blonde women, and then dancing poorly at a club Full Story Prince Harry stepped out again today in London – his fourth consecutive day of official business – at the Veterans Mental Health Conference with Heads Together.

reports the longtime pal made lewd references to Pippa's butt, likened her to a dog, and even joked about their honeymoon sex.

Here’s the new cover of US Weekly, Christmas edition, featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, fresh off their pre-Christmas week together in London.

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