Salma hayek dating pinault server side form validating numbers

His favorite hobbies are playing card tricks and tennis."I said, 'I don't think I want to work anymore,'" the Oscar-nominated actress, who gave birth when she was 41, told Allure.Salma has brought that same passion to her work as a human rights activist.She's supported organizations that give aid to battered women and children through her Salma Hayek Foundation.

Despite media reports, he insists that they’re very close—and that his son with Evangelista is fully integrated into his family with Hayek.

“Nicolas built Balenciaga over 15 years—he reanimated it.

He projected an absolutely incredible modernity onto a traditional brand.

That's not who I married.'"And then he said something so beautiful," she added.

February 2009 - Present Salma and Francois-Henri make it official with a stunning ceremony in Paris on Valentine's Day.

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