Taraji p henson dating lamar odom

Star also has quotes from Lara’s stepfather explaining that his daughter broke up with Lamar after confronting him about his relationship with Khloe. Hensen a week before he met Khloe On October 2, Fox Sports Radio host Matt “Money” Smith indicated that the basketball player proposed to another star just a week before he met Khloe, but she turned him down. Indeed, a close friend confirms to In Touch, “There was talk of marriage, but it’s unsure of whether he actually proposed or not.” But Lamar and Khloe’s reps insist there’s no truth to the story.

“Taraji and Lamar only dated briefly earlier this year and broke up right after the Oscars,” says his rep.

Many thought she would marry her boyfriend, Kelvin Hayden but according to rumors the couple recently broke up. The talented actress is too focused on her career to settle down.

Henson decided to break up with William after he hit her. After starring alongside Tyrese Gibson in Baby Boy, many believed that Taraji and Tyrese were dating.

She spent so many years of her career fighting to be exactly where she has positioned herself. Taraji's baby daddy is her former boyfriend, William Lamar Johnson. William was Henson's high school sweetheart but their relationship went downhill after Marcell was born.​Maybe Grandma Mildred is to thank for one of the most irrepressible personalities in the NBA, a 6'10" forward who, at 29, has been in the league for 10 seasons and famous for nearly half his life, and yet still wears his mitt when he goes to baseball games in the hope of catching a foul ball, collects pro wrestling figurines as a hobby and asks the staffer behind him on the team’s plane for permission to recline his seat because “my legs are kind of long.” More than an hour into the autograph signing in Huntington Beach, Destiny spotted a bulge in her dad’s left sneaker. The problem with trying to engineer another Odom is programming what he’s going to say.After his best game of this season, when he scored 28 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in Cleveland in February, capping a 6–0 road trip and dealing the Cavaliers their first home loss of the season, he said in a postgame interview, “I'm ready to go home and put my feet in the sand.” A month later, as he walked barefoot down Manhattan Beach, sweatpants hiked up to his knees, view clear to Catalina Island, he cooed, “This is the Laker lifestyle.” He is an unrestricted free agent after the season and cannot fathom a move inland.Ever since the unforgettable images of our favorite Cookie and her boyfriend surfaced, many have been asking: Is Taraji P. Our choice for Cookie would have been Strahan as he seems like a good guy yet Taraji may be attracted to guys with a little more edge. was born on July 28, 1983, making him 32 years old. He grew up in Chicago where he attended Hubbard High School located in the West Lawn neighborhood of Chicago's south-west side. Hayden is best known for returning an interception for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLI when he played for the Indianapolis Colts. Henson's dating Kelvin Hayden, the football player we saw her with in Miami and she is not currently engaged. Henson dating professional athletes has become the norm, with the award-winning actress previously dating Lamar Odom and Michael Strahan.First we have the news that Khloe’s new trial husband, Lamar Odom, proposed to Oscar nominated actress Taraji P. Taraji and Lamar were dating earlier this year and even showed up at at an event together.We’ve already heard from Lamar’s longterm girlfriend and the mother of his two surviving children, Liza Morales, who went on the record several times to say that Lamar was trying to reconcile with her in August, and that she was more surprised about his wedding to Khloe than anyone.“I think I got that from her.” His grandmother was Mildred Mercer, who raised him when his parents were gone. If you were going to build a basketball player in a lab, it might look like Lamar Odom, a broad-shouldered Stretch Armstrong.She died on June 28, 2003, three years to the day before his baby boy. Odom reached into his size-16 hightop and pulled out the crumpled potato chip bag. He’s a point guard in a power forward’s body, long enough to anchor the post but coordinated enough to lead the break.Editor's note: This story was originally published in the March 23, 2009 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. It’s a big bowl of gumbo.” As he ponders working titles for his life story—“This is L.Lamar Odom was reportedly found unconscious on Tuesday at a Nevada brothel. The happiest Laker is the one whose father was addicted to heroin, whose mother died of colon cancer when he was 12, who attended three high schools, had his first college scholarship revoked before the fall semester of his freshman year, became a subject of three college investigations, declared for the NBA draft, tried unsuccessfully to pull out of the draft, was picked by arguably the worst franchise in sports, violated the league’s antidrug policy twice within eight months and after finally getting his life together, went home to New York City for an aunt’s funeral and wound up burying his 6 1/2-month-old son, then getting robbed at gunpoint. A., so you never know,” he says—he is wearing a white sweat suit and driving a white Mercedes down Interstate 405 to an autograph signing in Orange County, one hand on the steering wheel and another deep inside a bag of potato chips.

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