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Get Token(un, pw) Dim url as String = " Client Script Manager. Get Type(), _ "OPCWeb Token", _ "OPC_config = ;", _ True) string un = "Your User Name"; string pw = "Your Password"; string token = OPCLib.

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What is Logjam, what does it mean, and how to fix it, coming up next on Security Now! Steve: What capability that the NSA has that we just couldn't really rationalize before.

This one may be pretty significant for SSL interactions, both for you the user and for the web server. with Steve Gibson, Episode 509, recorded May 26, 2015: TLS Logjam. , the show we talk about security in - in which we talk about security - with this guy right here, Steve Gibson, the Explainer in Chief. And this thing has so many aspects and nuances to it, like maybe now we understand what some of the slides that Snowden leaked that seemed puzzling and, like, sort of hard to understand, maybe now we know what they were saying.

Lots of my Twitter followers said, oh, my goodness, another problem with secure connections on the Internet.

People may try common keys like There are many different ways to do this, but I will show you are few common ways on how you can tell.

The first and probably the easiest way are to see what computers your computer can find on the network.

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